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Why does Silver turn black? Let's discover oxidation

Silver, with its brilliant luster and timeless charm, is one of the most loved and used metals by humanity for millennia. In an article already published previously we have already talked about the advantages of wearing this metal ( The advantages of wearing silver jewellery ). However, there is a problem that plagues those who love to wear silver jewelry: oxidation .

But why does silver oxidize? In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this phenomenon and how you can prevent it.

Oxidation: The Key Process

Oxidation is a chemical process that involves the reaction between a metal and oxygen in the air. In other words, silver reacts with oxygen in the air, forming chemical compounds called oxides. These oxides are responsible for the change in color and the loss of the characteristic luster of silver.

The Reasons Behind the Oxidation of Silver

There are several reasons why silver oxidizes:

  1. Exposure to air and moisture : Silver is particularly sensitive to moisture and atmospheric oxygen. When silver items are exposed to air and moisture, oxidation begins slowly but surely.
  2. Presence of chemicals : Silver can also react with chemicals in the environment, such as chlorine found in swimming pools. This reaction can accelerate the oxidation process.
  3. Contact with skin and sweat : Silver in contact with skin and sweat can react with chemical components present in these body fluids, accelerating oxidation and causing discoloration.
  4. Air Pollution : Air pollution, particularly sulfur dioxide in the air in some industrialized areas, can accelerate the oxidation of silver.

How to Prevent Silver Oxidation

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent or at least slow down the oxidation process of silver:

  1. Proper Storage : Storing your silver jewelry and items in dry places away from moisture can help prevent tarnishing.
  2. Regular Cleaning : Cleaning silver objects regularly with specific silver cleaning products can remove layers of oxides and restore their original shine.
  3. Wear with care : Avoid wearing silver jewelry in the pool or during strenuous exercise to reduce contact with chlorine and sweat.
  4. Sealed Storage : Storing silver items in sealed bags or containers can protect them from oxidation caused by air and moisture.

With proper care and maintenance, it is possible to preserve the beauty and value of silver objects for a long time. So, if you have silver jewelry or items, don't be afraid to use them and show them off to the world, but remember to take care of them properly to keep them shining and charming for generations to come.

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