schizzo animali collezione "Gang del Bosco"

A bit of history: Gang del Bosco collection

Imagination is a powerful tool, and the "Forest Gang" is living proof of how fascinating it is to transform forest animals into sweet and irresistible characters. This incredible gang of furry friends is ready to bring joy and smiles to your daily life.
Micho Macho: The Undisputed Boss
Micho Macho, needless to say, is the boss of the Gang. He knows he's the coolest and obviously bosses everyone around. He spends his days sleeping and eating and likes to take over other people's kennels to make it clear who is at the top of the social pyramid. (find out now)


Owl Pacino: The Funny Guy of the Night

Owl Pacino, despite often being considered a curmudgeon, is a funny guy. He's a bit of a night owl and has often received complaints from neighbors. For this reason he spends his evenings at the bar with friends, where he often partying and entertaining himself with a different owl every evening. (find out now)


The Panda: A Quick and Slightly Crazy Character

The Panda is clever. Everyone underestimates him because he always does things calmly and spends his days eating bamboo, but no one knows that he's actually a little crazy. There are rumors that they call him Psycho Panda, but it seems that everyone who dared to call him that has mysteriously disappeared. (find out now)


Bahama the Lama: The Eternal Casanova

Bahama the Lama is the antagonist of Micho Macho, but I'm sure you already guessed it! He makes the hearts of all the young ladies melt but he never falls in love, in short, an eternal Casanova. If someone dislikes him he spits on him, it is rumored that several animals have changed residence for this reason. (find out now)


Dolfino: The Sicario's Smile

Dolfino is the cutest of all, or at least that's what he wants us to believe. At night, when no one can see him, he works as a hired killer, while during the day he holds a respectable job as an accountant at the local bank. When his double life came to light, his friends said: he was always smiling. (find out now)


The Ephelantus: Peaceful Wisdom

The Ephelante is definitely the wisest of the company. He gets teased a bit by the others in the Gang because of his size, but he doesn't care and spends his days at the spa, cooling off between one puddle and another in central Africa. (find out now)


Bully: The Big Bully

From Bully what can we say, the name says it all. He likes to act big and braggart with everyone, showing off his muscles and the macho look, but he hasn't understood that the boss is someone else! He often argues with Micho Macho, although there is currently a truce following the division of the disputed territories between the two. (find out now)


Pingu: The Night Clown

Pingu is a good-natured man. You could define him as the clown of the group, even though he always loves to dress in black and white. His tailcoat is all appearance, because when he starts talking he immediately becomes the life of the party. Rumor has it that he likes to spend some nights in Las Vegas. (find out now)


Tina la Fochina: The Sweet Fochina with a Dark Side

Tina la Fochina is also Dolfino's colleague. Super tender and smiling, she hides a double life that not even her closest family knows about. Dolfino himself, considered the most implacable of assassins, trembles in the face of the cruelty of our sweet Fochina. He's thinking of changing his city and name, just in case. (find out now)
Join the Woodland Gang and discover their adventurous and mysterious stories. Each character is unique and charming, ready to bring a touch of magic and joy into your daily life.
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