schizzo animali collezione "Gli Amichetti"

A bit of history: The Little Friends

In the world of fashion and accessories, we often look for more than just clothes or jewelry. We are looking for something that can represent us, express our personality and bring a smile to our face. This is exactly what you will find in the "The Little Friends" collection. This extraordinary series of characters was created with the aim of bringing joy, uniqueness and a touch of magic to your days.
The Gufinion: A World of Contradictions
The Gufinion is a mythological character, part owl, part minion. Very introverted, he likes to hang out on tree branches but also get into trouble with his friends. (find out now)


The Little Turtle: Wisdom in Friendship

The Little Turtle is the wisest of the company. She doesn't like to follow others on their nocturnal forays but prefers the warmth of her favorite pond, where she shares a coral with her partner and her puppies. (find out now)


Surfvocado: Curvy and Energetic

Surfvocado is the most rowdy among the friends. She loves sport although you wouldn't think so from her physical shape, she defines herself as curvy and is an ambassador of body positivity. He loves surfing and lives on the coasts of Portugal where he can have as much fun as he can. (find out now)


The Popsicle: A Unique Character

The Icicle, despite his calm and calm air, is a little crazy. He spends his time gorging himself on ice creams even though they are in all respects his distant relatives, he always wants to be right and loves solitude. (find out now)


The Ghost: The Eternal Romantic

The Fantasmino is an eternal romantic. He hasn't found his soulmate yet but he doesn't stop believing in love. This is why he always goes around with a little heart in his hands, waiting to be able to give it to his future partner for life. (find out now)


The Cherries: An Indissoluble Bond

The Cherries are like inseparables, united for life. Their relationship hasn't always been like this, they had to learn to live together without prevailing over each other, but now they love each other so much and couldn't imagine being apart. (find out now)


The Gelatin: Under Protection for Your Safety

The Ice cream he lives his life on the run, fearing that the Popsicle will kidnap him to eat his chocolate tip. Despite this he remains optimistic, even if no one knows his real position because he has been placed under protection for his safety. (find out now)
The "Gli Amichetti" collection offers you the opportunity to embrace diversity, uniqueness and positivity, allowing you to choose the character that best represents your personality. Discover these little friends and be inspired by their joy of life and their extraordinary individuality. Whether you are a nature lover like Gufinion or a romantic like Fantasmino, there is a perfect Friend for you.
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